Motivate your employees. Stimulate your business.

Your employees’ health and happiness is critical to the success of your business. You have the power to inspire them to live healthier lives while reshaping your business. SEBINS Healthcare can help!

Our team of subject matter experts have been implementing one of the most effective wellness programs, because members can

  • Tailor it to fit their lifestyle and health status
  • Identify risk factors
  • Set goals
  • Track their progress
  • And even get rewarded for making healthy choices.

When you encourage your employees to make positive change for their health, you’re making positive changes for your business. Like a healthier, more productive workforce, lower healthcare costs, and fewer sick days. Because when your employees feel their best, they perform their best.

Did you know? Medical costs fall by about $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs!

Here is how it works for your employees:

Ready. It is for everyone! Young or old, in shape or not, this ground breaking wellness solution is a customizable, fun and engaging way to help your employees live their healthiest. We support members every step of the way.

Set. To start living healthier, your employees will complete their Health Assessment, which provides a picture of current health status and tells them if they’re living younger or older than their actual age. Members receive their results on a personalized dashboard.

Go. After members complete their health assessment, we support them by recommending customized goals and wellness tips. Members can integrate these goals into their lifestyles and easily track their progress.

Earn. Each step members take toward their goals, and each positive change they make, earns points that are redeemable for trips, hotel stays, movie tickets, electronics and more. Exercising, lowering cholesterol, getting a flu shot and even donating blood can ear member points!

Unhealthy employees cost businesses more than $153 billion a year in lost productivity.

Here is how it works for you:

Wellness programs are proven to help employees live healthier, in turn helping your bottom line. But don’t take our word for it. Read about the members who already use wellness as a corporate strategy and how it has affected them.

The Vitality Study

In the largest study of Vitality ever conducted, senior researchers at several internationally renowned academic institutions look at data from 900,000 members. Their goal was to assess the effect of wellness engagement on healthcare costs. Members were grouped by their degree of engagement in activities such as fitness, preventative screenings, and health education.

The findings show that engaged members became healthier than their non-engaged peers. Further, highly engaged members had lower costs, fewer admissions, and shorter hospital stays compared to other groups. Analyses of groups with specific diseases support the overall analysis, with engaged individuals having significantly lower claims compared to all other members and non-members.

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