6 Most Commonly Made Mistakes with Wellness Programs

6 commonly made mistakes to everyday wellness programsToday more than 80% of employers, with 50 or more employees, offer wellness programs and more than 2/3rds offer financial incentives to employees who get health screenings, or take lifestyles or disease management steps to maintain and improve their health. The logic seems flawless: if workers enroll in a wellness program, they’ll become healthier and thus perform more effectively on the job. Now there’s just one problem. Most employers believe their wellness programs don’t work! Here are some of their mistakes 



Want to Better Manage Healthcare Costs?

The employer mandate is just around the corner again and its clear that you, as employers, will not pay the penalty. Not only is the fine NOT tax deductible, but it also is not available to the employee to help pay for costs should they go on the public exchange. Here are 5 strategies that are impacting small to midsized employers 




Yoga in the Board Room

 A published study in the "Scandinavian Journal of Work, Enviornment and Health" examined the ability of yoga to enhance emotional well being and resilience to stress among employees at a university. The researchers found that after 6 weeks of just 1 60-minute class per week, employees reported improvements in feelings of clear-mindedness, composure, energy and confidence. To get started with a Yoga class




A Fit & Healthy Bottom Line

Historically, many employers have implemented wellness programs compelled by the pains associated with rising company medical insurance premiums. These increases are due, in part, to the significant increase in risk factors of Ameria's workforce, such as obesity, smoking, heart disease, diabetes and aging workers. In creating a fit and healthy bottom line



7 Benchmarks for a Solid Wellness Program

The relationship between living a healthy lifestyle and decreased work-related injuries is more noticeable now than ever. the Wellness Councils of America (WELCOA) has identified the following seven benchmarks for developing a result-oriented workplace wellness program




"Health Reform Hits Main Street" presented by The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

 Confused by how the new healthcare reform law really works? While if you are still waying the impact on your family or small buisness or just apprehensive of all the impending changes, we are here to tell you that you are NOT alone. This short, animated movie explains…




The Needs of the Aging Workforce Population

 Who are older employees??? The question is not easy to define and there is no consensus defining who is an “older worker”. Different agencies and organizations use a broad spectrum of … [READ MORE]