Joseph T. They found stock prices rose higher for businesses with attractive CEOs after positive news about the company aired on TV. I don’t think there is anything wrong with making sure you look your best. It’s crazy to think that someone who is more “average” looking would make less than someone who puts more focus on how they look. And it’s attached to a false social stigma that propetuates woman to inherently dislike other attractive woman. And that is just not true at all. Maybe you’re in debt, maybe you’re working all the time, maybe some days you want to jump off a building. 4. Good-looking CEOs bring better stock returns for their companies. Brian recently posted… Week End Round Up LOVE this! Read more: 10 ways to trick your brain into being more productive, according to a neuroscientist. Money-making strategy: Sell, or resell, used tech on Craigslist. How to tell if someone finds you attractive.var imageURLs = [ "" , "" ,"","" , "" ,"","" , "", "" ,"" ,"" ,"" ]; function getImageTag() { var img = '
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