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SEBINS is an employee benefit insurance consulting firm. We specialize in creating cost efficient employee benefit plans for small to mid-size businesses. In addition, we are certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) by California Public Utilities Commission.

SEBINS opened business on February 7, 1982 in Diamond Bar California.  We began as a two-person Insurance Brokerage firm. In 1987, we moved our office to Orange California and remained there until 2000, when we moved to Rancho Cucamonga California. The original goal of the firm was to develop strategic options and create solutions to specific needs

For the next several years SEBINS focused on providing low cost insurance services. We began to grow by word of mouth in Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles County.

At Sovereign Employee Benefits, Inc., our clients are our most valued assets. As an independent broker, we are committed to our clients by protecting their financial well-being through a combination of professionalism, expert knowledge, quality products, competitive prices and unsurpassed service. Sovereign Employee Benefits, Inc. has partnered with some of the leading insurance companies in the nation.  We offer HMO, PPO, POS and indemnity plans with a choice of providers.

If you are researching the possibility of acquiring new employee benefits and/or group insurance programs for your employees, please contact us by phone, fax, or e-mail.


It is my pleasure to provide you this brief press kit to introduce Sovereign Employee Benefits, Inc.'s (SEBINS) vast Scope of work. As a "boutique" insurance brokerage and consulting firm located in the Inland Empire, SEBINS has been an advocate for quality service by promoting effective strategies for cost efficient employee Benefits.



Products & Services


SEBINS has a unique access to mulitple markets which gives us one of our most notable competitive advantages in the employee benefit arena. SEBINS has a rich history of successful client relations which is outlined in the above materal. Furthermore, you will find information that covers our past, present and future.

As noted through out our press kit, SEBINS places a strong ephasis on cost containment techniques and procedures, such as wellness programs and utilization analysis. This takes place because we view cost containment as a valuable tool to combat the ever increasing cost of healthcare for both the public and private sector attempting to navigate the changing landscape.

We hope that you will consider SEBINS a reliable resource for information regarding regulatory and legislative issues affecting healthcare.

We look forward to providing you with the information you need. Further information, such as our capability statement or strategic plan can be obtained by contacting, Ms. Melissa Dickson.

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SEBINS Healthcare Consultants has partnered with top providers in the industry to better bring clients the most sought after, cutting edge programs on the market.

During a time of unprecedented change with healthcare reform, SEBIN began a relationship with Humana. This partnership was created with one goal in mind; to help large employers reduce healthcare costs and improve employee productivity by co-creating corporate health and wellbeing experiences like never before.

Through this relationship, both entities have crafted a solution that solidifies the connection between Wellness, Workers’ Compensation and the needs of the aging workforce population.

This connection has been proven to increase access to care on a timelier and cost effective basis; which helps employer mitigate the risks inherent in their population. Ultimately, employers are seeing higher ROIs and containment on monthly premiums.  

As a Fortune 100 company, Humana entered the wellness market back in 2011 with the launch of their behavioral economic, incentive based wellness program HumanaVitality.





Request and instantly download HumanaVitality’s program design NOW!

The following procurement portfolio was designed to display and articulate SEBINS qualifications, certification and experience in one central location:


Sovereign Employee Benefits, Inc. (or: SEBINS Healthcare Consultants) is a robust insurance brokerage and consulting firm based in Southern California. For over 30 years, SEBINS has been an advocate for quality healthcare by providing its clients with custom strategies for cost efficient employee benefits with a unique emphasis on wellness. [Complete SEBINS history]

As a full service brokerage firm, SEBINS offers an additionally unique list of services which include corporate wellness, worksite clinics and diverse programs tailored to the aging population. Our experienced agents are skilled to professionally consult and deliver solutions to today’s concerns in the industry, including PPACA compliant related issues and cost containing solutions.

Whether SEBINS is needed to consult and deliver comprehensive benefits or simply to educate employees on wellness as a lifestyle, our staff is trained to support the client’s success.

One strategy that SEBINS utilizes to achieve this is with the development of strategic relationships and partnerships with Fortune 500 carriers and nationwide industry power houses. This has been done to increase the competitive edge that would be presented to those overseeing RFP response, by repackaging both party’s strengths and designations into one desirable platform.


The SEBINS Experience can be summed up as the following:

  • Working with dedicated advocates for your quality healthcare in a intimate setting
  • Results derived from innovative experienced professionals at the forefront of industry change
  • Enthusiastic benefits concentrated  on containing costs with advanced strategies


Year of Establishment: 1982, a C Corporation

Virtual Press Kit

Diversity Certifications:

WMBE: Supplier Clearinghouse

Small Business: Department of General Services, CA

DUNS #: 942643136

NAICS Codes:

524210                  541612

525120                  923120

Capability Statement

SEBINS is a progressive technology driven employee benefit and consulting agency with strong committed relationships. We can perform at an optimum level to meet and exceed industry standards and client expectations.

SEBINS Public Sector Interests:

Local Government           Federal Government     State Government


Current Clients Experience:

  • Over 17 school districts in the Southern California region
  • Mid to large size aerospace corporations
  • Small manufacturing companies

Areas of Expertise:

-          Medical benefits

-          Dental & vision plans

-          Corporate wellness programs

-          Insurance plan administration

-          Risk management

-          Core consulting services

-          Employee Communication

-          Human resources consulting

-          Benefit provider negotiation

-          Healthcare committees


Contact Information:

SEBINS Healthcare Consultants

Corporate address: 10630 Town Center Dr., Suite 113

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Tel: 1-(877) 766-5464

Fax: 1-(909) 948-7776



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